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Plans For New Drug Rehab Center in Georgia Cancelled

Plans to build a new inpatient drug rehab center in Georgia have officially been cancelled. The plan called for five new buildings on a 61-acre property in Lawrenceville that would have offered counseling and therapy for individuals addicted to drugs and illicit substances. Unfortunately, plans to build the rehab center will not be moving forward …

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State University Finds New Evidence That Could Help Alcohol Rehab Centers in Georgia

The University of Georgia recently teamed up with the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism and other organizations in an effort to determine the physiological cause of alcohol dependency. The researchers found that low levels of an enzyme called PRDM2 can influence people to drink and exhibit self-destructive addictive behavior. This discovery could lead …

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How Georgia Rehab Centers Can Address State’s “Hospital Highs” Epidemic

Substance abuse affects nearly 24 million Americans of all ages, races, and backgrounds — including hospital staff. Physicians and hospital staff are often held in high regard when it comes to matters of health, but even these individuals face addiction, especially when drugs and medications are easily accessible. The state of Georgia is currently facing …

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New Opioid Addiction Treatment Could Benefit Rehab Centers in Georgia

Opioids are medications commonly prescribed to help treat and manage chronic pain. Most opioids are prescribed for short-term use due to how these drugs bind to receptors in the brain, and can lead to physical dependence and addiction when used long-term. Researchers from two Georgia universities have recently identified a brain mechanism that could help …

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