Local University Students Receive Education About Alcohol Addiction and Alcohol Rehab Centers in Georgia

Students at Georgia Southern University are being educated on the dangers of underage drinking after a 20-year old student was killed in an alcohol-related shooting incident on August 30. The effort is being led by the Office of Alcohol and Other Drugs Programs, located in the university’s Dean of Students office.

The AOD hopes that their effort will steer students away from alcohol and shed light on how addiction treatments and alcohol rehab centers in Georgia can help those who face alcohol addiction.

If you attend school and think you might have a problem with alcohol addiction, call our confidential helpline at 888-414-2380 to learn about your rehab options. Our caring treatment specialists will help you find rehab centers in Georgia that specialize in treating alcohol addiction.

Stressing the Importance of Addiction Education

Alcohol Addiction

Students require more education on the risks of binge drinking.

Young adults drink less frequently than most other adults, but tend to consume over 90% of their alcohol in the form of binge drinking, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. When these youths fail to receive proper education on the dangers and risks associated with binge drinking, their risk for alcohol addiction, overdose, and death increases.

The AOD is a campus resource that teaches students about the negative impacts drugs and alcohol can have on their own lives and on the lives of people around them. Students and faculty who struggle with alcohol or drug addiction can receive confidential counseling from the AOD and work together on finding treatments. The department says the negative effects of alcohol can cause many problems for university students and staff, and impact one’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Georgia Southern senior Sarah Black says colleges often have more alcohol-related problems due to students having more freedom away from parents and constant supervision. In regards to addiction education, freshman Najeh Thompson says students must be willing to take advantage of education on alcohol abuse for the university’s effort to be effective, and that students won’t quit drinking if they’re not being receptive to information.

Treating Students at Alcohol Rehab Centers

Students and teens who lack education on alcohol addiction often aren’t aware that they have problems in the first place and fail to seek treatment. Other students avoid seeking addiction treatment while being under the impression that treatment is too costly for a college student’s budget. However, university students often have several financial options when it comes to alcohol addiction treatment.

Young adults who struggle with alcohol addiction often fare best at rehab centers that specialize in helping teens and youths overcome addiction. Research shows that young adults are more successfully at achieving sobriety when working alongside others in the same age group who understand their same struggles. University students can choose between going to inpatient rehab centers or outpatient rehab centers — depending on their addiction status and personal preferences.

Inpatient rehab centers helps college students recover from addiction in safe, structured environments away from alcohol and negative influences, while outpatient programs are ideal for students facing mild addictions. Outpatient rehab programs provide students with counseling, therapy, and withdrawal treatments that won’t interfere with education.

If you attend school and are struggling with alcohol addiction, get help now to improve your grades and prepare for a more promising future. Call our confidential helpline at 888-414-2380 for help with finding alcohol rehab centers in Georgia that will guide you along the path to lifelong sobriety and improved health.

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